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The Project

WorldOnStore is a platform that enables the local shops to have their online store and sell worldwide.
We are passionate people about different cultures and its heritages. We believe that selling traditional products worldwide is the best way to help craftsman, makers and local shops to run their business and to spread the culture of their own people and their country overseas.

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Sinu For You - Colombia

Colombian culture

Preencher Vazios

Tile Art Shape

GTAM - Mexico

100% wool

Loja do Folclore - Arcos de Valdevez

Traditions of the Past

Bia Portuguesinha - Braga

What is national is good

Artesanato em Papel - Viana do Castelo

Reinventing Paper

Oficina do Burel - Montalegre

Burel's Tradition

Serranitas da Gralheira - Viseu

Tradition and "beirã" Culture

Pó de Arroz - Braga

Dolls Dating Portugal

Teciborda - Vila Verde



Hand Embroidery Arts

ArteLata - Vila Real

Ingenuity and lots of art

Pipa - Porto

Douro flavour..

Atelier Afonso Ginja

Estremoz Dolls

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